Thin Skin EP

by Thin Skin

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released December 2, 2013

All songs written by Thin Skin
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered by Dalton Farr at Artisan Studios



all rights reserved


Thin Skin Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Rock band out of Oklahoma City, OK.



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Track Name: Spread Thin
I swear that I don't miss you
I swear that I don't miss you at all
And I swear I really mean it this time
I know you're better off alone
I just wish that you were better off with me

String me out on the clothesline
On your back porch
You can leave me through the winter
Come collect me when I'm warm
Spread thin
Like your favorite lipstain
So cold against your ghostly skin
That skin that never let me in

Cried me a river and built me a bridge
And I swear I did my best to just quit thinking and get over it
Track Name: Who Are You?
I'm seeing you
In all the wrong places
You're far from home
A raven overhead
Not to check on me
But to haunt me
And it scares me
You're wearing the skin of a person I once knew

Who are you
To let me pass through the dark room
To rot and strew?
Who are you?

Into thin air
And its cold out here
And where have my lungs gone?
I hope you're half dead
Stuck here without a plan
You're impure
And you have a strong grasp

Who are you
To let me pass through the dark room
To rot and strew?
Who are you?
A fake
Imposter a plague
Track Name: Pass Through
Pass through
All of the doorways
Around you
Dark dark shadows

Walk on the ceiling
Talk back to demons
They're disappearing
I lost the feeling

How do you refine
Something that is perfectly imperfect
You sway your words
Like a pocketwatch
To confuse the turnout

Listen close to my heartbeat in my throat
Staining every word with everything I shouldnt know

Walk on the ceiling

Come down

Talk back to demons

To the bottom

I'm disappearing

See me

You lost the feeling

Try to leave
Track Name: Baggage
I'm talking in my sleep
And I'm walking barefoot down your street
You never see me
But you see your

You know I'd never let you down

Woke up in a graveyard
With missing links and worn out wires
And I was too drunk
To know just who I'd see
And I hope you never meet the man you made me out to be

(and then just one more)

I'm just the sum of what you loved (loathed)
Track Name: Headlights
If I saw you on the freeway
I'd crash into your car
Just to hear you say my name
So I always scan the streets
For your blood red Mercury
But you're never behind the wheel


You caught me sleeping in the backseat of my car
I don't want to wake up, leave the headlights off
I'm sleeping with my clothes on
On cigarettes receipts
In the middle of your street


I need someone to miss
When I'm all alone
On the road
I need an anchor
I need a reason
For me to come back home
Im sleeping with my clothes on
But I don't want to fall to steep
Cause that six or seven hours of you
That I don't get to see

Face down in the pavement
And I hope it rains
So I don't die dirty

Theres a holy war inside my head
And I can't tell which side has shed
More blood
So I'll just be the ground you sleep on
When you can't find your bed