Morning Colors

by Thin Skin

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released January 17, 2015

Recored and mixed by Dalton Farr @ Artisan Studios in OKC, OK.
Mastered by Ryan Harvey



all rights reserved


Thin Skin Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Rock band out of Oklahoma City, OK.



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Track Name: Bitewing
I never shouted for you
Out of fear of exposure
My teeth embedded askew
It’s why I never held you closer
Hold your name like a cigarette
Painting my teeth yellow and my fingers red
Had our own tiny spaces to fill
You had yours replaced I wear mine
On the the front of my face

Most days I daydream
My pearly whites were as straight as the love bites
Gracing your inner thigh

You could tell from my bitewing
Crooked teeth
I understand why they ask
What you ever saw in me
You left a visible finger print rush of blood to her neck
The deepest purple
Where your teeth indented their home
Left your name our her cheek
She let you in but you left that bite on me
Track Name: The Meaning of Haste
I don’t remember your favorite colors anymore
They say this is moving on
But the ashes you left are still burning warm
Let the sound waves drip so calm
Past the hair behind your ears and travel down canals
And reach your brain loud and clear
Is this what you always wanted
Im the headlights your the

Will I still love you when I wake up?

Tried to write you poems
Use my foot to send morse code
But every line I write dries like litter in the road

And if you decompose
They’ll find my message in your bones
Put on display in museums
Your bones are worth your weight in gold
I’d write you letters on your stomach like my finger tips were pens
But every word I write is pleading to last a second on your skin

Wake up when the wind blows
Echoes smothering me
I want to be the air you leave behind
So unrefined
Like I’m breathing coal
Die on the way to the hospital
Track Name: Homecoming
Your head is the house I grew up in
I don’t want to see someone home
I’m the pain on the walls
You can cover me in coats
But you’re never at home alone

I know you’ve already won
You’ve made it so hard to move on

Stay where you are
Leave me alone
I swear I did my best to grow these roses from the ash
But the soil it was tainted, the flora couldn’t last

The notches I scratched in your bedpost
The marker on the door frame to mark my growth
And the photo albums planned but never made
I burned the house down it stayed that way

I always find myself driving through the ruins
Smoking my lungs black where our home once stood

Your head is the house I grew up in
Track Name: Re:Finished
I remember the fairground
The roller coasters the ski lift coming down
I remember the flashing lights
Reflecting off the glaze in your eye
I remember the long drive home
I remember us getting lost
I remember I didn’t care
But I could see the fear in your eyes

You’ve been running since your feet hit the ground
You’ve been begging for reasons to turn this car around
Anything to hide from the truth
Everyones just as lost as you

I watched you paint yourself away
I fell in love,
You fell into a habit of repeating what you heard
Walk all over me you left a body in the dirt

Push me out of your life
With the air that you breath
Tiny moving particles dividing you and me
I feel the gravity grabbing my insides
I feel the wind on my back
I see the world splaying out like an atlas
Sleepwalking off the edge of the map
Track Name: With Heart Summer Compilation 2014 - Stranger (Blending In)
I'm a statue weathered and worn
With the ashes from watching bridges burn behind me
Salt water swelling my tongue
Have you ever made a martyr out of someone you loved?
And watched them carry your cross to the top of the hill?
Have you ever had to die for someone else's sins?

I'm a stranger in the skin I'm in
I say I'm getting better
I'm just better at blending in
I'm at home bleeding out in a river
Driving off of bridges cause I get so bitter now

She said lock the door when you leave
You're making a big mistake